Social game for Hartz Mountain

Identifying the target.

Hartz wanted to build buzz around its new line of Angry Birds products. To capitalize on the popularity of the Angry Birds brand, we needed to introduce these products to the most loyal Hartz fans on Facebook.

Playing to pets.

Many social gamers are females in their 30s, a demographic that aligns with a large number of Hartz fans on Facebook. Additionally, Hartz fans respond well to content featuring cute dogs and cats. Reaching the right crowd with the right content could lead to the kind of buzz and social sharing Hartz needed.

We developed an interactive Facebook “Whack a Crate” game with fun images of cats and dogs. Users could break a virtual crate once a day for the chance to win a variety of Hartz Angry Birds prizes. We shared a steady stream of specialized content—coupons, prize packages, updates—and engaged with fans one-on-one to entice them to play the game again and again.

Creating buzz and coming back for more.

Our community managers’ high-touch engagement drove 117,000 game plays and 22 million impressions, many of whom fit our target audience of female social gamers in their 30s. These loyal fans played the game an average of eight times each, driving increased awareness of the Angry Birds products and generating significant online buzz.

Of course, once users had taken advantage of the applications and joined the Hartz community, we needed to keep them coming back to the Hartz Facebook page to create a long-term relationship with these potential consumers. How? Mostly with cat pictures, obviously.

“People are turning to social media to learn and ask questions about caring for their pets. It is important for Hartz to understand the concerns that pet owners have and to truly connect with them. The Hartz social media presence has redefined how we interact with and learn from these valued customers.” Ian Weinkselbaum, Sr. Director Integrated Marketing and Insights, Hartz