Pressing the reset button.

Despite all their industry success with blockbuster games like Guitar Hero® and Call of Duty®, Activision realized its brand wasn’t reflecting the culture and values that fostered that success. Recruiting was becoming harder, and the spirit of innovation and creativity was beginning to wane. We wanted to help Activision revitalize their brand and emphasize their dedication to innovation and creativity.

An interactive experience.

We worked with Activision stakeholders from multiple teams to develop features that promoted the innovative company culture, while maintaining focus on their ever-growing roster of globally recognized games.

Our Scrum Masters and Business Analysts developed the backlog of technical and functional user stories, while our UX and front end teams delivered wireframes for the entire redesign. We leveraged our effective global delivery model to lead both the technical content migration as well as the implementation of the new responsive web design.

On to the next level.

The new global, responsive site launched internationally on October 18, 2013. It introduced a “Life at Activision” theme, driving brand awareness that ties the company to their globally recognized entertainment brands. It provides a powerful tool for hiring and retaining top talent while simultaneously engaging with their customers. The new site directly aligns with Activision objectives around recruiting, sales, and branding.

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