Business as unusual.

Together with Adobe, we created an ecommerce suite that brings together content management and delivery, analytics, and personalization. The solution is designed to enhance the management and customer experience of, empowering business users to effectively seize new opportunities and open new sources of revenue by creating more personalized and targeted interactions for web consumers.

Making it personal.

The Deloitte-Adobe solution integrates software from the Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite, including Adobe CQ for Web Content Management, Adobe Test&Target™ for improving site functionality, Adobe Recommendations for driving cross- and up-sell, and Adobe SiteCatalyst® for online analytics and reporting. This powerful combination allows businesses to personalize sites based on users’ past purchases and browsing histories.

Better, faster, stronger.

The result: an enhanced customer experience that translates to increased online revenue. Using our Agile development methodology, we were able to help Adobe streamline implementation while delivering a largely self-managed solution, which reduced operational costs. And built-in intelligence dynamically drives promotions and offerings, saving time otherwise spend on manual interventions.

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