HT Engineering Division is a high-tech engineering solutions providing resource which excels in design, development and integration of critical systems for the defense, industrial & commercial sectors. The division strives to provide “Ultimate Engineering Solutions” by focusing on quality and through detailed understanding of customer needs. With a demonstrated history of performance, cost effectiveness and delivery-on-schedule, we have established our reputation for technical excellence in the region’s industrial community, government sector, local academia and the wider design and development groups. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, ensuring that we keep abreast of latest developments, newer technologies and changing legislations in relevant domains.

Our Team

Lifeline of our strength is a diverse but firmly woven multi-disciplinary engineering team obsessed with the passion to achieve excellence in their respective domains. Mitigating risks professionally while leveraging on strengths through sharing of diverse exposures in their relevant fields, our team comprising of full time employees as well as on-demand professionals, form the perfect kernel for offering consultancy, product development and project management services while staying economical. Our core domains include electronic and mechanical engineering comprising of accomplished professional engineers having successfully commissioned products and systems, as well as on-demand academics boasting of core research and publications in relevant international journals and conferences.

Design & Development

We specialize in, but are not restricted to, electronics design / development, automation / control and instrumentation, structural / mechanical parts manufacturing in metals / fiber etc. and obsolescence management in heavy industry, aviation, defence, medical and nuclear sector. We develop customized hardware in control, sensor and measuring technologies. We specially pride ourselves for our association with the academia and claim few humble accomplishments in this prestigious and noble domain as well.
The core strength of our Engineering Division lies in Product Development. Our design group has the capability to develop systems involving electro-mechanical, analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, application software and management systems. In analog design, our experience covers switched-mode power supplies, analog multiplexing units, and special purpose electronic devices. In digital electronics we have design expertise in both legacy and emerging development paradigms. Our design efforts extend to embedded software starting from programming in low-level assembly language going up to fourth generation languages. We can design monitoring and logging devices for a variety of interfaces at multiple levels for analysis and planning. We can help set up a comprehensive test facility for standard measurement equipment and custom-designed test set-ups.

Production and Commissioning

We possess the competency of product packaging and housing design using plastic materials as well as metals. We deliver complete documentation including installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance manuals. We also supply efficient solutions for simulations, prototypes and small production runs. From conception to prototyping, we take care of all development and provide complete documentation, including parts lists, circuit diagrams, assembly instructions and testing instructions.

Expertise & Technology Areas

Major technology areas where our core team members and on-demand professionals have delivered and contributed or have expert domain knowledge are enlisted below:

  • Legacy Analogue technology
    • Power Supplies HV & LV
    • RF / IF and Baseband systems
    • Power Electronics
    • Custom circuits / modules
  • Legacy Digital technology
    • Micro-controller based systems
    • VLSI & FPGA Based custom modules
  • Communications
    • MC-OFDM/OFDMA, WCDMA/LTE, Turbo/LDPC, Space Time Codes etc
    • Wimax (802.16/802.16e), 802.11n
    • Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio & Signal Processing
    • Control Area Network (CAN), TCP/IP, VOIP & InfoSec
    • RF / Microwave System Simulations and Design
  • Real Time embedded system design
    • DSP and FPGA for industry, medical, imaging and radar systems
    • IOT based remote sensing and control
    • Rugged embedded computing for real time data exchange
    • Moving map displays, networking protocols & data sharing
  • Systems & Solutions
    • ATEs (Automated Test Equipment) with scalable interfaces
    • Instrumentation & SCADA through optimal DAQ
    • Tactical Airborne / Ground based C3I Systems
    • Aircraft simulator technologies like
      • Instrumentation & virtual cockpits
      • Control loading systems
      • 270 degree dome displays, MFDs & PFDs
      • Optimization of Flight Dynamic Models
      • Simulation of Flight Emergencies etc


Tools & SKills

Development tools generally employed by our Engineering Division includes:

  • CAE / CAD / CAM
    • Agilent Design Suit (ADS)
    • Orcad, PCAD & Altium Designer
    • Matlab with Simulink
    • Autocad & ProEngineer
  • Software Development
    • Embedded C/C++ for Windows / Linux / Solaris & RTOS
    • JAVA / PHP, 808x Assembly
    • VHDL / Verilog
    • NI Labview / LabWindows CVI
  • PME & Test Equipment
    • RF Scalar & Vector Network Analyzers
    • Protocol Analyzers
    • Oscilloscopes, Signal / Function Generators etc